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Become an racing car Instructor

We will train you to pass the tests and then guarantee you an instructor's position at one of nearly 80 of our associated driving schools spread throughout London and the South East of England
Requirements are normally that you must have held a full Driving Licence for 4 years with no more than 5 penalty points in the last 2 years, have no current non-motoring offences and be able to read a number plate from 90 feet, wearing glasses if necessary.
You can come for training in your spare time during the day, evening or Saturdays without giving up your job if you are working. We can also arrange more intensive training in three short full-time periods prior to each of the three tests if you prefer. It is important that you learn at your own pace, so again the choice is yours.



Motor Shows in 2014

1. Beijing Auto Show, June biennially in even years Paris Motor Show, September/October biennially in even years Frankfurt Motor Show, September biennially in odd years Bologna Motor Show, December annually
2. Tokyo Motor Show, October/November biennially in odd years Seoul Motor Show, March/April biennially in odd years Geneva Motor Show, March annually
3. London Motor Show, 9th - 15th June 2014 biennially in even years North American Auto Show, Detroit, January annually New York International Motor Show, March/April annually Greater Los Angeles Auto Show, December annually.

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