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You can find fully qualified instructors by contacting some of the establishments listed in UK. If you are a provisional driving licence holder and require lessons then contact driving instructors in your local area. Some approved driving instructors offer advice on the internet and books which are suitable to improve your learning and prepare you for the theory and hazard awareness tests.
Professional lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) are an essential part of learning to drive. It is important that learner drivers take frequent, and regular professional lessons during their learning period. The lessons should be spread over a period of weeks and months, rather than crammed into a short intensive course.
The ideal number of lessons will vary for each learner, but there should be a significant number. Some research found that as many as 50 hours of professional instruction was required for learners to be fully and consistently competent to conduct manoeuvres well in all the traffic situations they are likely to meet.


Motor Shows in 2014

1. Beijing Auto Show, June biennially in even years Paris Motor Show, September/October biennially in even years Frankfurt Motor Show, September biennially in odd years Bologna Motor Show, December annually
2. Tokyo Motor Show, October/November biennially in odd years Seoul Motor Show, March/April biennially in odd years Geneva Motor Show, March annually
3. London Motor Show, 9th - 15th June 2014 biennially in even years North American Auto Show, Detroit, January annually New York International Motor Show, March/April annually Greater Los Angeles Auto Show, December annually.

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