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Decorist Introduces Online Interior Design To Millennials With BuyBuyBaby

Decorist Introduces Online Interior Design To Millennials With BuyBuyBaby Posted on October 19, 2019Leave a comment

BuyBuyBaby Pleasant Hill, CACourtesy of Decorist by Carol Vaziri

In 2017 Bed Bath & Beyond quietly acquired the online interior design service Decorist for an undisclosed amount. Prior to that, Decorist had raised $4.5 million in seed funding from home improvement chain Lowe’s, the Women’s Venture Capital Fund and other angel investors.

Decorist was founded in 2014 by Gretchen Hansen, who continues as its CEO, after she made a mistake buying chairs for her office. She snapped some pictures and sent them to an interior design friend who worked remotely and returned a design that turned her office into a workable and beautiful space.

That was Hansen’s a-ha moment. She figured that many people had similar interior design challenges but didn’t know where to turn. They needed a designer on call. Decorist was born, offering a quick and affordable solution to interior design challenges through a virtual design service.

Decorist CEO Gretchen Hansen says, “Virtual design is not going away.”Courtesy of Decorist by Carol Vaziri

During BBBY’s fourth quarter 2016 earnings call, then CEO Steven Temares explained where the acquisition of Decorist fit into the company’s plans: “As the interior design arm for Bed Bath & Beyond, we plan to leverage Decorist online platform to initiate and/or enhance our design consultation offerings for some of our concepts.” Temares exited the company this past May.

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