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Distinguish between cast iron manhole covers and gray cast iron manhole covers

Distinguish between cast iron manhole covers and gray cast iron manhole covers Posted on November 21, 2019Leave a comment

On the way you will come across many manholes with various types of covers. These covers are made from many different materials. Cast iron manhole cover is a material of much choice. However, with the current cast iron material has cast iron and gray cast iron. So how to distinguish these two types of manhole covers?

Distinguish between cast iron manhole covers and gray cast iron manholes

The common point of the two types of manhole covers is that the colors are nearly the same. Because cast iron is made of graphite, many people are easily confused. But if you look closely you will know these two types of cast iron have their own characteristics. Specifically, these two types of cast iron have the following characteristics sản xuất nắp hố ga:

– Cast iron with low melting point, the product is easy to process and has good tensile and bending strength than gray cast iron. Therefore, this type of cast iron is considered as a highly durable product.

– Gray cast iron is not capable of bending, compressing and impacting. The advantage of this cast iron is its low melting point, which makes it easy to process. The price of this cast iron is cheaper than that of cast iron.

The most common method of distinguishing cast iron and gray cast iron is for cast iron to be exposed to sharpening sparks. When exposed to cast iron sparks will create black sparks, now you will observe and know what kind of cast iron is.

In terms of color, cast iron is darker gray than gray cast iron. Therefore, in the selection process you can remember these characteristics. Also, you can try the temperature and the bend of the product.

Should choose manhole cover from cast iron or gray cast iron

Two types of manhole covers from these materials are commonly used. However, manhole covers from cast iron are more dominant. Products from this material are many people choose. Manhole covers made of cast iron can withstand strong impact and heavy load. Therefore, when installed in traffic routes, traffic is less likely to break and bend.

Currently, there are many manhole covers with eye-catching designs. Products with abrasion resistance and anti-theft margins. This manhole cover model is a great choice for both durability and cost. Products capable of withstanding large loads should be installed in many places. Especially but where there is a large displacement vehicle.

Products have many outstanding advantages, life span from cast iron manhole cover up to decades. Used for a long time but the manhole cover still ensures durability, beauty and color stays the same.

Buy cast iron manhole cover need?

There are many places on the market offering quality manhole covers. To own a durable product and ensure price you should look to Thanh An Trading and Investment Co., Ltd. Buy the manhole cover made from cast iron here you can rest assured about the price. Quality products ensure long-lasting, multi-size products.

The tonnage of the manhole covers is guaranteed to meet all purposes. Buy manhole covers at Thanh An committed to good prices, quality products and diverse models. At the same time, clear purchase policy, long-term warranty. So to buy all kinds of manhole covers, go to Thanh An.

Through the useful information mentioned above, you probably know how to distinguish cast iron and gray cast iron. Each type of cast iron has its own outstanding advantages. Depending on the needs and purposes you choose the appropriate manhole cover model.


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