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Don’t be afraid to be an individual

Don’t be afraid to be an individual Posted on October 23, 2019Leave a comment

What are the similarities/diversities between these two fashion scenes you have discerned as a fashion designer?

We share a sense of colour, drama and style. Hand embroidery is still very strong in Pakistan and traditional costumes are very much a part of almost everybody’s wardrobe.

The shalwar kameez is, in fact, possibly the only living traditional costume in the world today — it evolves into a new silhouette every few years.

What inspires you to create your designs? Any Indian muse you have?

I find inspiration in everything around me and often in the journeys and travels I take. It can also be an idea or notion of a state or time in place.

The collection I am showing at LFW is inspired by Central Asian landscapes and the old world romance of the Ottoman Empire.

At the core of each collection is our focus on achieving a balance between rich traditions, and a wearable, contemporary look.

I don’t have a single muse as such. Women, for whom I create these outfits, are my muses.

Your favourite fashion designers…

There are many designers creating fabulous work in their various individual styles, whose work I admire. My favourites change from collection to collection and season to season.

Fashion tips for youth in India and Pakistan…

Don’t be afraid to be an individual. Develop a personal style and nurture it. Most of all, always be true to yourself. Being comfortable with yourself and in what you wear makes all the difference.

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