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Espresso Is So Much More Than Coffee

Espresso Is So Much More Than Coffee Posted on July 7, 2020Leave a comment

If you love drinking coffee and have never had the pleasure of enjoying a real Cup of Joe, then you are in for a real treat. Some people think that espresso and coffee are the same thing, but espresso just costs more. Espresso does sell for more in your favorite cafe, but there is a big difference! The flavor of a rich cup of espresso simply cannot be compared pure kona coffee to a regular cup of coffee. The crema captures the aroma and gases produced during the brew and the pressure used to press the coffee beans really extract much more flavor than you will ever find in a cup of brewed coffee.

Why Do Espresso Drinks Cost So Much?

There are many places where you can go spend $5.00 or more to grab your favorite espresso drink, but many people did not know that they can make the very same drinks in their home. There are many great espresso machines to choose from and some of them are not cheap, but the ability to save money and make your drinks just the way you like them makes these high end coffee machines well worth the price. The process to make a great espresso drink uses a considerable amount of pure coffee bean and also a lot of physical work. This a couple of reasons that these amazing drinks are not cheap when you purchase them from a commercial location.

So What Makes Espresso So Special?

The biggest thing that makes espresso different from regular coffee is the head that is used and the pressure that the bean is under during the extraction process. Most professional espresso makers will say that you need to extract 25-30 mils in 25-30 seconds to have a perfect extraction and brew. This is just a rule of thumb, but the point is that this cannot be done in a regular coffee machine. The extraction process that is used to create espresso is a very scientific method that brings the best of the best out of a normal coffee bean. This process has been tweaked for many years and the common machines at most coffee shops all use a similar process to produce the extract from bean we commonly call espresso.

The espresso concentrate can be enjoyed by itself. Some think that it is just too bold, but pure espresso does offer a very rich, robust and sweet flavor without other additives.This pure and concentrated form of coffee can be added to many different liquids to create a latte, cappuccino, macchiato, mochas, and americanos!

How Can I Get What I Need To Make Espresso At Home?

There are many different machines that are made for you to make an amazing cup of espresso in your own home. Some machines are very cheap and you can start making your own espresso for under $50 if you are not so particular about the quality and options on the machine. There are automatic espresso machines that cost as much as $600 or more, so you can see that there is a huge variation in price and of course in quality too. You can research these machines on Google or Amazon to learn more about their features and prices. Make sure you grab a machine that can do everything you need and you will be glad to own your new espresso machine and enjoy it for years to come.


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