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Partnership with Ocilion – IPTV package

Partnership with Ocilion – IPTV package Posted on October 11, 2019Leave a comment

Salzburg AG, an Austrian network operator active in the federal state of Salzburg and parts of Styria, has announced the roll-out of the premium television product “TV Plus” in partnership with Ocilion.

Customers receive a package that includes a 4K set-top box, remote control and mobile CableLink TV app, seven days’ replay option, video recorder, premium HD channels and the option to access the media library. The package costs EUR 23.40 per month. Each additional set-top box costs EUR 3.50 per month. 

The CableLink app allows viewers to watch TV Plus on mobile devices. CableLink Internet customers receive “TV Plus” for six months free of charge. 

Ocilion has built the complete IPTV system on-premises at Salzburg AG and integrated it into its infrastructure. It supplies the different parts of the system, including software, hardware, services as well as the end devices and the apps for tablets and smartphones.

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