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The Benefits, As Promised

The Benefits, As Promised Posted on March 1, 2020Leave a comment

So what were my long-term benefits of learning a foreign language? Well for starters, my understanding of my own English language grew significantly: by learning various different grammatical constructions (and the “foreign” thought processes behind them), I came to have a more mature understanding of the use of English structure, grammar, and style (and, in turn, the thought processes behind them).

The farther I went in learning other languages, the more other nations and peoples all around the globe became solid and real, and gradually those other nations and those other peoples were transformed into parents and children just like my family. That realization of similarity is something the world cannot have too much of. Without a sense of shared humanity, nations simply compete, หนังต่างประเทศ conquer, and kill. Studying foreign languages gave me a sense of connection with other peoples, and that sense helps me to see other peoples and other nations more clearly today.

Are these benefits “fun”? When I was a kid, I probably would have said not. However, I believe these benefits have entirely moulded me into a different being. A person who has more compassion for people around the world, because I’m not so frightened of them. Contrary to what we have been told all our lives, ignorance is not bliss.

Practical Benefits Too

Yes, there were also practical benefits to studying the various languages I studied: foreign movies became more accessible, novels by foreign authors (even in English translation) seemed more transparent, specific technical terms in music such as “allegro non troppo” and “sehr markiert” had a greater depth of meaning.

I find, too, that the more I learned of other languages (whether Spanish, French, Russian or German) the more flexible my mind became. So how does flexibility result in any practical value? Well, when I needed to learn new and very complicated software programs at work – in order to upgrade, and later keep, my job – that flexibility helped me to learn Photoshop, to learn PageMaker, Dreamweaver, Ventura Publisher…and how to code HTML and CSS and Javascript. After all, speaking a foreign language isn’t all that different from “speaking” code. But you cannot do it without a certain amount of flexibility.

It’s Never Too Late to Learn

Learning a new language can indeed be fun. It can provide a sense of wonder, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of adventure. The practical value of knowing another language when travelling abroad or when doing business in a global setting is inestimable. Exercising your brain, developing its flexibility, can open up all sorts of new avenues for you.

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