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The Benefits of Having a Good Op-In List

The Benefits of Having a Good Op-In List Posted on March 28, 2020Leave a comment

If you sell anything online or even have a brick and mortar location an opt-in list is absolutely vital today for your business, no matter what it is.Bisnis Online The bigger the list the better as far as we’re concerned and it should be linked to a fantastic landing page that grows it every day even more.

Now if you’re asking yourself why an opt-in list is so important you are probably very new to the world of internet business or possibly have been away somewhere like Siberia so we’re going to show you a few reasons why you need one and then also how to build one. So wipe that snow off of your face, grab a notebook and lets’ get started.

First and foremost an opt-in list is a list of all of the people that have an interest in your product or service and have let you know about that interest by giving you access to their email address or cell phone number (or both). Have you have ever heard of someone online bragging that they made $20,000.00 by sending out 1 email? If you did it isn’t complete bull (mostly) it’s because they had a huge opt-in list of people who liked their service or product and where primed to purchase.

An opt-in list is basically a gold-mine that you can go to again and again when you need some more nuggets. If you have a product or service that people need or want you can use your opt-in list to let them know about it, about promotions, about new features or whatever and they will respond with their hard-earned money.

Now of course it has to be something valuable and that many people want or need and that’s the only ‘catch’. If you send out an email to 20,000 people trying to sell them swampland in Florida you might not get much response except for a lot of hate mail.
But, if you’ve sent them updates, valuable info, freebies, interesting articles and even some funny stuff to make them laugh once in a while you can use your opt-in list to create a continuous revenue stream that you can go to again and again. Are you beginning to see the power that an opt-in list has?

OK, this articles almost done and I promised to give you some ideas on how to build your own opt-in list. Really quickly there are;

• Blog articles, like this one, which give valuable info about something. Use these to lead them to your opt-in form (but don’t sell them anything… yet).
• Pay-per-click programs like Google’s AdWords drive quality traffic to your landing page and your opt-in form.
• Joint ventures with other websites can help promote you while you promote them.


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