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Top Internet Businesses For First Time Internet Entrepreneurs

Top Internet Businesses For First Time Internet Entrepreneurs Posted on March 20, 2020Leave a comment

For a first-time internet entrepreneur, the top internet businesses to consider have five things in common:

1) the market is accessible
2) the business is inexpensive to develop
3) the niche has excellent profit potential
4) the business can be built with a flexible time commitment
5) the entrepreneur is passionate about the subject matter

Work at Home Moms and Dads

As a parent, you need the flexibility to build your business in spurts when the opportunity arises. Many stay at home parents become broadband @ Time Internet Malaysia infopreneurs because of the residual income potential and the work-life balance it offers. If built strategically, your business will continue to grow when you step away to focus on what’s most important.

Niche Marketing

Niche market research can help you discover where to focus to attract the most attention. One of the easiest ways to do this is to develop a content-rich website about a specific subject or theme and then grow the site using in-demand keywords.

Long Tail Marketing

Long tail marketing means to go after niches which are so small they are often overlooked. For example, you could build a web page based on a keyword that only draws 5 people a day but has little competition. Now, if you built ten of those pages, you could have 50 people visiting your site every day. Incredibly, if you could build two pages every week for the next 12 months, and if the keywords in demand were still popular, you could generate site traffic of up to 500 people per day (15,000 people per month) using this technique.

Do What You Love

The best internet businesses are a pleasure to build. Of course you’ll be working but if you are focused on something you enjoy, it won’t feel like it most of the time.

Passive Income – Work When You Want

If you set your business up properly you will be able to make money online twenty-four hours a day through the power of automated order processing and delivery. For more information don’t miss the Infopreneur FAQ.

Affiliate, Affiliate!

Affiliate marketing is basically word of mouth marketing. If someone purchases a product based on your recommendation or referral, you earn a commission. There are a gazillion affiliate programs online so do your research before jumping in – there are a lot of mediocre products being sold this way. But if you discover a great product that helps people and has a good commission rate, you can make a lot of money recommending it.

Free Tips & Resources

If you want to learn how to make money online, don’t miss the free monthly ezine [] from How to Sell Information You’ll learn some of the secrets to creating profitable information products as well as other strategies and ideas to make money online.


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