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Why cold weather is actually good for your skin!

Why cold weather is actually good for your skin! Posted on October 21, 2019Leave a comment

Are you a sun worshipper who adores the summer months, or a winter lover who thrives in cool temperatures? Whatever your seasonal preference, we all know that weather can play havoc with your skincare routine.

Winter weather can suck the moisture out of your skin, leaving it dull, dry and flaky and don’t get us started on chapped lips. But there are actually some perks to those dark, chilly nights. Winter can actually benefit your skin in more ways than you realise, and cooler temperatures help with anti-ageing.

Don’t believe us and pine for summer sun? Cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva from the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery explains how the winter months can benefit your complexion:1. Cold weather clears your pores

Cooler weather can act as a tonic or astringent – reducing clogs and keeping pores less visible and refined. Cold weather also slows down and prevents the secretion of sebum, which waterproofs the skin and hair, keeping shine at bay and reducing acne.2. Cool nights help you sleep better

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for skin health – reducing circles under the eyes and making sure your complexion stays glowing. Lots of us suffer sleeplessness in the summer heat. Coldness mimics the body’s natural drop in internal temperature, which occurs around two hours after we hit the sack. Therefore, most sleep scientists believe that a slightly cool room contributes to a full night’s rest.3. Winter weather promotes circulation

Cold weather promotes blood circulation in both the face and body – reducing inflammation and swelling to the eyes and face.

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